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CUSIS provides to teachers, students and staff a series of functions covering curriculum, enrollment, student records, financial aid, student financials, etc. The Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) and the MyCUHK successfully went live on 5

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For information about the login ID, password and use of CUSIS, please contact Information Technology Services Centre: Service Desk @User Areas Room 109, 1/F, Pi Chiu Building @Learning Commons 6/F, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building Phone

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Page 4 of 7 You may submit your enquiries through the Online Enquiry Form. For information and enquiries of PGDE, please contact Faculty Office of Education Telephone: (852) 2609-6937 / 2609-6938 E-mail : [email protected] 3. International Asian Studies

OnePass provides staff, students & alumni enhanced security and a single login across CUHK online systems. Change Current / Expired Password Forgot Your Password?

Application Form (Please contact our section by email to [email protected] for the form) Authorization Form for the Collection of Degree Certificate of Undergraduate Programmes Transcript/Certifying Letter/Report on Curriculum Details Notes for Application

CUHK implemented the Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) based on the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application. Through CUSIS, Students can Apply for course and unit exemptions, declaration of concentration, outgoing exchange, financial

Students are highly recommended to go through the Computer-based Training (CBT) and this online guide to get familiar with course selection in CUSIS. For a quick reference, you may also refer to the Leaflet on Course Selection for Postgraduate Students.

MyCUHK serves as a personal portal to a wide range of services and websites in CUHK. It also provides the primary entrance to CUSIS services. Available to Staff, students & alumni Service Charge and Application Free; no application required Access to Service

In CUSIS, you can find the courses within your Study Scheme listed under “My Requirements”. If you wish to choose courses outside your Study Scheme, you should complete Form CS-1 (Appendix A) and submit to Graduate Divisions/Programmes concerned

Contact Us Replace the current HR/Payroll system that cannot be upgraded to meet present level of service Capture more comprehensive employee data generated from data sources or workflows Allow access to certain HR functionalities by Department

Applications to be submitted under CUSIS Change of Major (system opens for application in June of each year) Change of Personal Information (e.g. address, mobile phone number) Course and Unit Exemptions Declaration/Change of Minor (system opens for


CUHK Personnel Information System A A A Staff Supervisor Functional Administrator Chief Administrator About CUPIS Project Summary Navigation Path Summary Help Desk What’s New Contact Us About CUPIS Background, Objectives and Scope Who will

Interested students shall submit the e-application form via CUSIS together with the following documents: Copy of unofficial transcript listing academic results at CUHK, Copy of relevant music certificate(s). Enquiries Please contact the General Office of the

With Both Contact and Contactless Chips The Smart University ID Card – CU Link CU Link is designed to be an all-in-one card for university students and staff. The introduction of smartcard chip makes CU Link a truly multi-functional smart card, an effective and

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Welcome to the Help Section of the MyCUHK portal and the Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS). Please click the corresponding link for details. Type of Information 1. Portal Help Information 2. CUSIS Frequently Asked Questions for

Students can login CUSIS to make online applications, perform student registration and course enrolment, update records, review grades, etc. Make sure that you know the CUSIS functions for a smooth study at CUHK! Email Account @Link is a cloud service

As the one-stop University portal, MyCUHK allows students to access campus news, Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) and a wide range of online services such as CUHK Webmail and e-learning platform.

The CUHK curriculum is built on a credit-unit system, with flexibility and choices both in the selection of courses and in the sequence and pace of electives. The normative period of study is four years, and students have to complete 123 units satisfy requirements

Contact Us Sitemap 繁 简 Increase Decrease Normal Current Size: 80% Enter the terms you wish to search for. Whatsapp CUHK Library is a CUHK Competent Green Office The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

This allows you to access a wide range of University IT services, including but not limited to CU Student Information System (CUSIS), e-mail, Office 365, Wi-Fi, PC and printing service etc. For enquiries about the CAI and IT systems, please contact ITSC Service:

Contact information during exchange form (To fill out your contact information during your exchange, go to MyCUHK → CUSIS and MyStudy → CUSIS Services → Contact During Exchange. The university can use this information to contact you in case of To be

This expiry date applies to all CUHK staff and students, unless you have changed the password on or after Jul 1, 2019. When your password expires, you cannot access Central IT services including email, Office 365, MyCUHK, CUSIS, CUPIS, WiFi, VPN, etc

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0±-1.0 AMyCUHK News and Events CIJSIS and M S CHAN, Tai Man åCUSISUA1 「Emergency Contact」 can also be provided. ebrnd Links Emergency Contacts as list of Edit To add a Add NO contact information found. e.sM: ecEP 「MyCUHK News d Events CUSIS

Undergraduate students at CUHK should complete a minimum of 123 units for graduation. Graduation requirements vary, subject to the curriculum requirements of each programme. All undergraduate business curriculum consists of the following structure:

香港中文大學專業進修學院 (CUSCS): 短期課程, 兼讀制學歷課程, 全日制高級文憑課程, 研究生及學位銜接課程, 網上及遙距課程,持續進修基金課程

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Important information about Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) 1. CUSIS Website 2. Login ID & Password: 9 Before Class search, pls check the class schedule of your assigned SCT Major CHAN, Tai Man 㺹㕣㖼

R equirement of major and minor programme and course details, please check in CUSIS. Information of University Almanac, University Regulations, Course Selection & Add/Drop, Examinations, please check the website of Registration and Examination Section.

Student advising is an important component of students’ university education, as it helps them plan for a rewarding undergraduate experience. Our priority is to assist students to achieve their academic goals and a positive learning experience. Every student will be

Before Your Exchange Get to Know Your Exchange Programme Find out as much as possible about your host institution and the educational system and culture of your host country before you depart. The international offices of host institutions are a good place to

Students who cannot register via CUSIS The following students shall approach the Office of the IT Foundation Course(Rm 1207, Yasumoto International Academic Park) in person during 10–13 September 2019 (Term 1) or 14–17 Januray 2020 (Term 2) for course

The login link is updated to

Panopto is a video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing all video and audio files for teaching and learning. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more.

Enrolment Method for CUHK Students Year 1 and Year 2 students can enrol UGFH1001 on CUSIS during the course selection period. The medium of instruction of each GEF class is given in the teaching timetable on the RES webpage. Students should check

19 Sep, 2019: Emails from Course Account Please check your campus email (as well as the junk mail box) to see if you can receive emails from the course account to get updates of the course. If there are still problems, please contact your lecturer.

CLC was founded in 1963 under the joint auspices of New Asia College and the Yale-China Association and became part of CUHK in 1974. CLC provides language training in Cantonese and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) to CUHK students and Chinese as second

Alumni: [email protected] Password: OnePass Password User Account Password Sign in Login Help Change Current / Expired Password Maintenance Schedule Contact

For details or enquiries, please contact the RES. CUHK students can take a maximum of two University General Education courses, including courses in the Four Areas and GEF courses, from among courses offered in the USS and those offered in the ISS

This course is concerned with the fundamental theory of statistical inference. Topics include exponential families of distributions, sufficient statistics, convex loss functions, UMVU estimators, performance of the estimators, the information inequality and the principle

Applicable to students admitted in 2019-20. For students admitted before 2019, please refer to relevant study schemes in CUSIS. Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of courses as follows, with at least 12 units of STAT courses: