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5/3/2017 · Don’t f*ck with Riot Police For more Videos Subscribe to me Wing Chun master teaches students what to do when riot police fight back. Learn riot police training, how to fight the riot police charge and how police fight back in a riot. Martial arts master

作者: Master Wong
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15/7/2018 · Martial Arts Master teaches How to Wing Chun vs Bodybuilder, how to throw a punch, how to throw a punch correctly, Muay Thai fighter and Wing Chun fighter using punch harder, how to knock someone out, Hi, Master Wong

作者: Master Wong

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He has worked in a wide range of police formations, including uniform branch, criminal investigation and staffing duties. He holds three master degrees in criminology, electronic commerce and public administration, and attended courses in China Executive

Master Wong’s Tai Combat bridges the gap between the original form, application and use of Tai Chi principles for 21st century self-defence. Witness how Tai chi is transformed from the softer side to the dark. No other Master on Youtube can demonstrate the

* With effect from 1st January 2010, new recruits to the Inspector of Police are eligible for the salary payments from HK$72,645 to HK$84,250 by passing the Inspectorate Standard III Professional Examination and attaining advancement to Senior Inspector of

Wing Chun News is with Master Wong at Master Wong Academy. March 20, 2017 · Ipswich, United Kingdom · Don’t F*uck with The Riot Police featuring Master Wong in Ipswich, U.K.